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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you apply mineral foundations?

A: The application of mineral foundation is very easy. Simply shake some of the minerals into the lid of your jar, work the minerals into your Flat Top Foundation brush or Kabuki brush by swirling your brush (the minerals should look like a light dusting on your brush) in the lid, tap your brush on the side of your jar to knock off any excess powder, and then buff the minerals onto your face using both stroke and circular movements to ensure complete coverage and dispersal of the minerals. Remember, two or more light applications of your minerals are better than one heavy application for great coverage. And best of all…NO makeup lines! Remember Shake the Foundation into your brush, Tap off the excess right back into the jar, then swirl the foundation all over your face. The more you swirl and stroke the better the foundation finish looks.

Q: Will this foundation clog my pores?

A: No, mineral foundations let your skin breath and function normally. And the best part is Earthlab Foundations do not contain any preservatives or fillers, so it will not absorb into the skin, unlike other makeup lines.

Q: Can men wear this make-up?

A: Yes, in fact we have male clients that have discovered our products and love them because our mineral foundations cover redness yet look so natural.

Q: I have very dark circles under my eyes. Will this cover dark circles?

A: Yes, apply Earthlab Concealer first . This product has super coverage and is made for stubborn circles or discolored areas. Once you have applied your Concealer with a blending brush, to the areas you want covered, apply your mineral foundation as normal. This will blend the two shades together for a flawless finish!

Q: I have scarring from acne, will this makeup cover scars?

A: On skin that has scarring or is uneven, apply our Powder Concealer with a blending brush to areas that need more coverage. Then blend in your foundation for a smooth flawless finish.

Q: Why does my foundation look blotchy or uneven?

A: Earthlab’s Foundations should never appear blotchy or uneven unless your moisturizer hasn’t had time to be completely absorbed. Remember, your moisturizer must completely absorb before applying your mineral foundation. This also applies to eye creams, make sure you wait at least 5 minutes before applying your makeup. Also, remember for a perfect finish less is better when applying your mineral foundation.

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